Test Your Comic Knowledge


    Superman first appeared in comics when?

    DC Comics

    Bruce Wayne's parents names were?

    Warner Bros

    What does "DC" stand for?

    Thor 1st appeared in what comic?


    In the Marvel movies Tony Stark's company is called what?

    Which one of these men was a founding member of Image Comics?

    What year did The Walking Dead debut as a comic book?

    What is the largest comic convention in the world?

    Where is C2E2 held each year?

    In Man of Steel, what does Superman's symbol on his chest stand for?


    Which is NOT a Batman villain?

    Mr. Fantastic's real name?

    Who was the first comic character?


    Who painted all the Marvel Masterpiece card set?

    Ghost Rider first appeared in what comic?

    Where was Superman raised?

    What was Spider-Ham's secret identity?


    When did "Marvel Comics" start?

    Who created Batman?

    What superhero was born with the Curse of Kordax?