Star Trek/Green Lantern Vol. 2 #5 ComicWow! Review


Mike Johnson is a veteran IDW Star Trek writer, one of the main authors of the venerable space opera since the reboot movie.  He also wrote the previous Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover.  He wrote a very impressive four-issue story arc for the main Star Trek series (“Legacy of Spock”).  He also wrote the movie adaptation and Star Trek: Khan, Star Trek: Nero, Star Trek: Countdown, and Star Trek: Manifest Destiny.  He also did some DC work, including Superman, Supergirl, Earth 2: World’s End, Superman/Batman, and Titans: Fractured.  He worked on A+X for Marvel.  Some of his other works include Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow, The Big Gay Comic Book, Transformers: Beast Hunters, Fringe, and more.

Angel Hernandez worked with Mike Johnson on the Green Lantern/Star Trek crossover event.  He has a broad range of artist credits including horror, cape/masks, and more.   His credits include Westwood Witches, Infinite Crisis, Ghost Wolf, Roman Ritual, Discord, Arrow, Metallic Silence, Phantasmagoria and Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse.

This is the penultimate issue of the second miniseries.

Johnson and Hernandez returned to a Star Trek universe irrevocably altered by the sudden appearance of several ring bearers (green, yellow, orange, red, etc.) from the DC universe.  They have shown how the Green Lanterns have joined Star Fleet and are doing their best to serve in their new home.

Unfortunately, their power source is gone, and their rings are slowly losing their power.  Into this universe, Sinestro and several evil ring bearers reappeared.  Rings have changed owners.  Particularly, Khan is now the bearer of the red ring.

Sinestro has made his way to the OA of this universe, seeking its power source.  Hal Jordan, now a member of the Enterprise Crew, has led the Federation flagship on a similar quest, having discovered a Manhunter droid (created by the Guardians long before the Lanterns).

Klingons, Khan and the Augments, Larfleeze, Sinestro, Yellow Lanterns, Red Lanterns—this is Johnson and Hernandez giving the readers what they want.  These are two of the oldest and most venerable space operas in modern culture, each with a strong fan base, and a huge overlap between them. Throughout this series and the one before it, these two gifted storytellers have looked for the scenarios and tableaux that the fanboys and fangirls want to see, and then found plausible ways to create them.

The first miniseries featured many such moments—Alpha males Kirk and Jordan verbally sparring before becoming friends.  Atrocitus, Larfleeze, and Sinestro met with the villains of the Star Trek universe.  Black Lanterns brought dead Vulcans back. Spock wielded power rings.

The first miniseries ended with Hal Jordan becoming friends with Jim Kirk and taking off ahead of the Enterprise with a combination of their iconic oaths.

In this second series, Guy Gardner, Kilowog, and other Green Lanterns show up at Star Fleet academy.  Khan became a Red Lantern while Sinestro and the Enterprise were in a desperate race to find the OA of this new universe.

This issue ends with a scene that readers have wanted to see for over 50 years (NO SPOILERS, but this is absolutely mind-blowing!!).

This is the next-to-last issue of the series.  In this issue, Johnson and Hernandez have to bring everything together in order to have a tremendous conclusion.  They have succeeded.  Often, a second miniseries has to deal with the “sophomore slump,” the inevitable problem that the second arc was not as good as the first.  This was an unspoken challenge to these storytellers.  Can they top the first arc?

Up to this point, these two have dared greatly.  They have set everything up for a massive conclusion. Can they top the first arc?  For the answer to that question, readers will need to see issue #6.

Written by: Mike Johnson

Illustrated by: Angel Hernandez