Snotgirl #2 ComicWow! Review


When we last left Snotgirl (Lottie Person), she had indirectly killed her new bff. Now, she is paranoid about getting caught. She could turn herself in, but her phone battery dying was a sign not to…obviously. She stalks Charlene, her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend, and comes to find that she is exactly what Lottie was at that age. When she gets a text from Caroline, the “dead” bff, Lottie is caught way off guard. Could she be alive? Not to mention the LAPD is looking for her. For what, we don’t exactly know just yet.

When I had finished reading the first issue of this series, I was pleasantly surprised. This series is a lot better than what I had thought it would be (some materialistic girl raving about how much her life sucks because she has to put on a façade—we all do). When murder and a really down to earth character came into play, I was hooked.

This issue moves the story forward quite a bit. Lottie has got to feel better about Charlene, knowing she is basically impersonating her younger self. That text from Caroline is freaking me out, though. She looked pretty dead last issue, unless someone has her phone and is rudely trying to mess with Lottie. As for the LAPD agents, if Caroline is alive, why would they be looking for Lottie? One used to study fashion, so it could be that he just wants to learn more about Lottie’s fashion blog—but I doubt that. Writer Bryan Lee O’Malley has left us with more questions than answers.

The writing style, however, is really engaging. The progression of events in Lottie’s life is pretty darn fast, and we get to see all of it. From thought to thought and thought to action, O’Malley lets us into even the most secretive parts of Lottie’s mind. We get to see more of her friends, too, who actually aren’t as annoying as issue #1 made them seem. Well, I guess that’s debatable; they are kind of irritating, but not inherently so. I’m pretty excited to find out more about Lottie’s life, personality, and more about Caroline—like whether she’s even alive or not.

Artist Leslie Hung’s illustrations aren’t too realistic, but they are really emotive. With clean, solid line work, Hung is able to create an entirely new character’s world for us to explore. Paired with Mickey Quinn’s colors, the artwork perfectly illustrates O’Malley’s script.

There is a lot going on in Lottie’s life right now, and she can barely deal with it all. It’s upsetting to watch someone go through so much anxiety, but O’Malley makes this series way too interesting to pass up. I have no doubt that he will answer all our questions in due time, so keep reading to keep up with this mess of a situation!

Written by: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Illustrated by: Leslie Hung


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