Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Cthulhu Deck Building Game by Wyvern Gaming

ComicWow!’s Big Rick unboxes Cthulhu: A Deck Building Game from Wyvren Gaming. This is a great game for any and all horror fans—especially Lovecraftian...

Star Trek Risk by USAopoly Unboxing

Risk is a classic game that we all know and love. But…what’s this? RISK: STAR TREK EDITION?! Watch Big Rick unbox this 50th anniversary...

Onami Unboxing Wyvren Gaming

Big Rick unboxes Wyvren Gaming’s Onami, a card game that will test your strategic skills!

Hive Mind Game Demo from Calliope Games

Big Rick sits down with Chris Leder of Calliope Games to discuss the gameplay of trivia party game, Hive Mind.

Lotus Demo from Renegade Game Studios Interview

ComicWow!’s Big Rick and Renegade Game Studios’ Sara Erickson have a zen talk about the new game Lotus. This is a beautiful, calming game,...

Paradox Demo from Split Second Games

Big Rick sits down with Randy Field of Split Second Games to discuss the space time rescue game, Paradox. Control time and space to...

Kill Doctor Lucky Demo by Cheapass Games

Big Rick got a chance to discuss Cheapass Games’ first game, Kill Doctor Lucky, with Carol Monahan. Watch to see what the game is...