Monday, January 17, 2022

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Diamond Select Toys: Ghostbusters—Slimed Peter Vinimate ComicWow! Review

In their first paying gig, the Ghostbusters hunted and captured a phantasm. Success! But before they were able to get the job done, it...

Diamond Select Toys: Forbidden Planet’s Robby the Robot Vinimate ComicWow! Review

After 20 years of silence, a spaceship is sent to check up on an expedition to Altair IV. What they find is one scientist,...

Hitman: Agent 47 Statue ComicWow! Review

Hitman is a video game series currently published by Square Enix (absolutely amazing Japanese video game developer and publisher, known for role-playing games like...

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing for October – Doctor Strange

Josh unboxes October's edition of Marvel Collector Corps. From pins to Funko Pops, Doctor Strange has taken over. Come see what we found inside!