Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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Simpsons Comics #234 ComicWow! Review

“The Simpsons” is a household term nowadays. With as much success as this franchise has had, it’s no surprise that the comic book series...

Hive Mind Game Demo from Calliope Games

Big Rick sits down with Chris Leder of Calliope Games to discuss the gameplay of trivia party game, Hive Mind.

Schotten Totten Demo iello Games Interview

Big Rick and Stephan Brissaud (iello Games) talk about Schotten Totten gameplay. Choose a clan and get control of the border to win!

Oceanos Demo iello Games Interview

Stephan Brissaud talks to us about one of iello Games’ most recent releases, Oceanos. Explore underwater in your own submarine, catch fish, expand your...

Paradox Demo from Split Second Games

Big Rick sits down with Randy Field of Split Second Games to discuss the space time rescue game, Paradox. Control time and space to...

Codenames Demo by Czech Games Edition

Big Rick and Joshua Githens (Czech Games Edition) talk about Codenames and Codenames: Pictures, a game suitable for as many people as you can...

Giant Days #18 ComicWow! Review

I’m always blown away by John Allison’s ability to capture the spirit of youth. Giant Days is the perfect series to exhibit that talent...