Cosplay Poker Rules

Played “Texas Hold’em” style:

The Dealer Button will be determined via dice roll, player with the highest dice roll will be “on the button”.  Dealer Button will be placed in front of them and play will begin to their left.

Dealer Button will be last to act every round except before the “flop”.  Play pre-flop begins with the player to the left of the Big Blind.

Players will start with 810 credits.  1’s (10) 5’s (10) 25’s (10) 100’s (5) = 810


Two cards will be dealt to each player one at a time until both cards are dealt.  Players will then commence betting.

  • 1stRound – Players must match BIG BLIND or current raise to see “THE FLOP”. Once all players have either called or folded, active players will see “THE FLOP”.  One card will be “BURNED” (discarded) off the top of the deck, then the next three cards will be placed in the middle of the table.  This is THE FLOP.  Before the FLOP, on their turn players may pay 25 credits to “peek” at the ghost hand.  This is the ONLY time this is available and could help when betting later.
  • 2ndRound – Action will begin with the first active (still in hand) player to the DEALER’s left. Betting will continue until players call.  Another card will be “BURNED” off the top of the deck and ONE card will be place in the middle of the table with the current 3 flop cards.  This is the “TURN” card.
  • 3rdRound – Action will again begin with the first active player to the DEALER’s left. Betting will continue as before until players call.  Again, another card will be “burned” off the top of the deck and ONE last card will join the four cards on the middle of the table.  This card is called “THE RIVER”.
  • 4thRound – Players will bet this round and once betting has stopped and a call has been made, players will then show their hands. Players make the best FIVE CARD hand out of the SEVEN (including theirs) available.  Winner will then be declared.


  • Each player will start with NO Cosplay Tokens. Tokens can be purchased for 500 credits but ONLY if you are “on the button” (dealer button is in front of you).  Must be purchased before deal. These credits will go into the JACKPOT.
  • No more than 2 tokens can be in your possession at one time.
  • Players will be able to “PURCHASE” cosplay tokens with their winnings. These can used in betting.  If a player does NOT have a cosplay token, they must go “ALL-IN” to call.  If that player wins the hand they receive 200 credits for each cosplay token played.  If they lose the hand they are then out, and must put on a cosplay item. If they want to come back in they must put on an additional cosplay item.
  • If token vs token is called. The winning player cashes in their original token, and one cosplay item is selected for the loser.  The loser of the hand must then immediately put the item on.  The other token is then given to the banker and the winner is given an additional $200 for the token.
  • Cosplay tokens MUST be purchased BEFORE the dealing of a new hand.
  • Tokens must be used before the button comes back around, if the token isn’t used the player must pay 100 credits to the bank for each token owned.


There will always be ONE ghost hand at the table. This hand is dealt out like any other hand but NOT looked at.  Players may purchase a chance at the Ghost Hand for 50 credits.  They must then roll the DIE and see if they can roll the ghost hand.  The DIE is numbered 1 – 6 (six sided) and 6 has GHOST HAND on it.  Each Player position is numbered to correspond to the DIE. (1 – 5 positions) If you roll anything other than your position or the GHOST HAND, that money will go to that position on the DIE.  This can only be done PRE-FLOP.  If multiple people roll and get “GHOST HAND” roll offs will decide the winner.  (Highest roll gets hand)


Before looking at your hand you have the ability to place an “Odds Bet”.  This bet is active throughout the entire hand.  Bets can be between 5 and 25 credits, and placed to the players left.  If you decide you want to fold, you simply place your cards under your ODDS BET.  At the end of the hand the dealer will ask you if your hand qualifies for payout (3 of a kind or better).  If it does, flip it over and collect.  If it doesn’t, simply hand the cards back to the dealer and your bet goes into the JACKPOT.

Payouts are as follows:


After a pot is won, the winning player MUST draw a card from the top of the Destiny Deck and do as it instructs.


Once a player has won the hand, they have the option to bet against the GHOST HAND.  They may bet their winning pot up to 500 credits. (the pot must match the bet, you can’t bet more than the pot contains)


  • Once a cosplay item is put on it can only be taken off by paying 1000 credits when on the button or if a Destiny Card says so.
  • Once a player is wearing 5 cosplay items they are OUT!
  • Winner will be the person left in the game with credits and the least cosplay items on.


If you are knocked out, you must put on a cosplay item.  In order to buy back in you must put on ANOTHER cosplay item.  You will be given half your starting bank (405 credits).


Jackpot can be triggered 3 different ways.  First, if you draw the Destiny card that reads “JACKPOT”, you would then collect the current jackpot.  Second, if you WIN with 3 7’s (Lucky Sevens) you trigger the jackpot.  Third, if you WIN with 3 8’s (Crazy Eights) you trigger the jackpot.  Yes, full houses DO count.


First blinds start at 1 and 2 credits for 15 minutes, after that, blinds will go up every 10 minutes.  Here is the blind schedule:

1 – 2 (15 mins)
2 – 4
5 – 10
10 – 20
15 – 30
25 – 50
50 – 100
100 – 200
150 – 300
200 – 400