Zombie!: The Adventure is Yours! ComicWow! Review


This is something different.

Instead of a standard comic book, this is written in a choose-your-own-adventure format.

The reader has the option to play as either a human trying to escape the zombies or a zombie trying to eat his way out of the city before the Army arrives.

The game mechanics are simple and accessible, with no need for complex secondary rule books, cards or dice.  The only things needed other than the book are pencil and paper.  ‘Game journals’ are for both characters are provided, but not absolutely necessary.  They are reproducible but are also available online (URL provided in the book).

The writing is longer on action than dialogue.  Like a video game, there is an emphasis on action rather than exposition. Lancry’s goal is to move the story/game forward quickly.  There are several possible outcomes including getting eaten, nuclear annihilation, escape from the city, and rebuilding civilization.

This is clearly a one-shot effort, as the most of the end scenarios reach closure.  Playing the game multiple times produces a wide range of stories, choosing different starting roles, different tools, different companions, etc. all lead to different ends.

The artwork is deliberately cartoonish. There is a certain amount of gore, but it is handled in alight semi- impressionistic style, rather than an excessively graphic fashion.  The artwork is closer to Mike Mignola (Hellboy) than Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead).

It’s an interesting diversion from the standard Zombie comic book.

Written & Illustrated by: Jon Lancry