Zomben #1 ComicWow! Review


After a “multipocalypse,” Ben is infected with a zombie virus. However, he’s passing as human just fine…until his family moves out of the city and into a new neighborhood. Ben meets neighbor Selena, and an accident causes her to find out about his “condition.” Despite common stereotypes, though, Selena thinks it’s pretty cool! What kind of shenanigans will these two kids get into now?

My favorite part of Mike Heneghan’s script has to be the characterization. We know what kind of people these characters are now, but Heneghan adds so much backstory to them that what we see isn’t all of what’s in them. We see Ben being a regular kid, but his past tells us he isn’t one. We see parents trying to live normal lives but we know they must be under so much stress, feeling paranoid that someone will find out about their son’s undead affliction.

Beyond the characterization, the dialogue is natural for the world they’re living in, but new to us. For example, it’s a little strange that in school, kids are learning about zombies and monsters. For them, though, it’s just a history lesson. Heneghan has created a unique world for us to jump into, and his effort definitely shows.

Abel Cicero’s illustrations aren’t too realistic, which actually makes perfect sense for a story that isn’t so much so, either. The artwork has an animated quality about it that allows Cicero to make the characters as emotive as possible—and they are, without being too “over-the-top.”

Manoli Martinez’s bright and bold colors add a lot of personality to the issue. Although there are a lot of dark topics being discussed, the coloring contrasts that really well to create a more lighthearted tone. This parallels the script really well because although we have a normal family in modern-day times, there is a lot of darkness surrounding them.

Overall, this is a really good issue to kick the series off. The concept of zombies has been so overdone that I honestly lost interest pretty quickly in anything zombie-related for a while. I’ve seen humans pretend to be zombies, but I haven’t seen all too many zombies pretend to be human. This should be an interesting story, and if the first issue got your attention as much as it did mine, you’re going to want to keep up with this series!

Written by: Mike Heneghan

Illustrated by: Abel Cicero