X-Men: Gold #5 ComicWow! Review


The X-Men have defeated the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and saved the mayor of New York City. Last issue, Gambit teams up with Olivia Trask. But after Gambit released a vial of nanites, they merged with a sentinel AI to create a new bipedal humanoid form. This thing has a conscience, and is a lot more dangerous than we thought. In turn, the X-Men are being blamed for the destruction that it’s causing. The humans now think of them as terrorists—that can’t be good.

This issue serves more as exposition than anything else. We don’t get any real solution to the problem, but the problem gets worse. This sentinel is doing some real damage, and learns from every experience it goes through. That means that while one thing works to defeat it temporarily, it won’t work a second time. I have no idea how the X-Men are going to deal with a threat on this grand a scale, but I’m stoked to see them try!

Guggenheim’s writing in this issue is very clear and concise. There are bits of humor thrown in here and there to lighten the mood, but there is an overall urgent tone to the story. The character interaction is natural and fluid, making the issue go by at a comfortable yet fast pace. There is a lot of action in this issue, and it all flows seamlessly together.

Silva’s artwork is cluttered at times, but it doesn’t ever look messy or disorganized—in large part due to the really clean line work. The busy panels actually fit well with the storyline. There is a lot going on, and the X-Men have tons on their plate. The artwork reflects that chaos. There are tons of vibrant colors in this issue, and they all blend together well to create one cohesive issue. A lot of the coloring is unrealistic, and makes for a really immersive, surreal reading experience.

The X-Men are stuck in a tough spot. Humans now think they’re terrorists, they’ve got a huge, nearly indestructible sentinel AI after them, and they don’t have a plan yet as to how to handle it all. Guggenheim is crafting together one seriously intriguing issue, and you don’t want to miss out on it!

Written by: Marc Guggenheim

Illustrated by: R. B. Silva