X-Men: Gold #4 ComicWow! Review


Mutants are the next step in human evolution, but half the world hates and fears them. As Kitty Pryde forms the X-Men team once again, they are determined to use their powers for good and show the world that mutants aren’t anything to be feared.

The X-Men defeated the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and saved the mayor from kidnap. Now, after rescuing the mind-controlled members of the Brotherhood, the X-Men are more determined than ever to prove that mutants and humans can live together, peacefully.

A familiar face joins this series as we see Gambit bring a twist to the story. There’s a new Sentinel threat, and Gambit sort of makes it worse. When he gets stuck in a pretty sticky situation, Kitty Pryde and the rest of the X-Men team are on the case!

Gambit is sort of a loner, so his part in this story is a bit curious. He has a tendency to bring trouble with him, and this issue is no exception to that trend. The action sequences with him are amusing, as he brings his usual humor through, despite the dangerous circumstances.

What I love, though, is that the X-Men are able to focus on being heroes and helping out friends in need instead of fixating over the hatred and fear that they are constantly met with by humans. Of course, the looming fear of deportation and/or defeat is still a cause for concern on the mutants’ part.

R.B. Silva’s art in this issue is fantastic. A few inconsistencies appear here and there in facial structure, but nothing stands out so much as to interrupt the continuity and flow of the script. Small moments show a lot of detail and thought, and carry the issue’s pacing and progression really well in a steady manner. The artwork looks more like the older, classic X-Men books. The design for the new Sentinel is rather scary in the sense that it looks dangerous as Hell. It looks very advanced and technologically capable to handle whatever the X-Men can throw at it.

We get a hint of nostalgia and a lot of new concern over a novel breed of Sentinels in this issue. Seeing Gambit come pretty early in the series is a treat, and I seriously hope he’s here to stay for a while. There’s a lot going on for the X-Men, but Guggenheim is able to balance out their troubles and create a linear story that is sure to keep our attention now more than ever.

Written by: Marc Guggenheim

Illustrated by: R.B. Silva