Wynona Earp #8 ComicWow! Review


Beau Smith is a veteran writer with a history that includes DC, IDW and Image comics.

Chris Evenhuis is an IDW artist whose resume includes Wynona Earp, Magic the Gathering and Action Man.

This is a single-issue story arc, and it’s a great jumping on point for the comic.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Wynona is the direct descendant of legendary US Marshall Wyatt Earp.  She is assigned to an elite section of the US Marshall Service, the Black Badges, who deal with supernatural threats.

In this issue, she is part of a high-risk witness protection operation.  IBob, a witness in deep cover has had their cover blown, and he needs protection while they relocate him and his family.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that IBob, mild-mannered IT guy, like his criminal pursuers, is a werewolf.

There are the standard supernatural action scenes, but the center of the story is the characters.  Smith is a writer clearly at home with deep levels of characterization, and he takes the time to develop IBob into a fully realized character.  Smith uses small gestures and minor pieces of dialogue to make the improbably meek IT lycanthrope into a character that grows and shows depth.

Evenhuis is a skilled action artist, and he is solid as an artist of the supernatural.  Although his action scenes and large tableaux are fine, it is his use of small detail and nuance that compliment Smith’s storytelling so very well here.

For those interested in checking out the tie-in to the new SyFy series, this is a great place to join in.  For those who like something different in supernatural/horror action, this is a refreshing change.  If you just want to read a well written story, this is a great choice.

Written by: Beau Smith

Illustrated by: Chris Evenhuis

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