World Reader #2 ComicWow! Review


The Universe has become one giant crime scene, and only the World Reader can solve the mystery going on across the cosmos. Sarah takes things into her own hands when the rest of the crew shuns her. She steals a ship and goes searching for the truth by herself. But when Sarah is thought of as “crazy” by her teammates, will she be able to gain their trust? Using her paranormal gift to talk to deceased aliens, will she discover the secrets of the Faded Man, who keeps destroying these planets? Or is she really losing her mind?

Jeff Loveness does an awesome job of making this issue just as trippy as the first one. Our protagonist has a lot of forces working against her (the entire crew she came with), and the danger has just been amped up (she is now all alone instead of with her teammates and a doctor). Sarah definitely has a lot to prove, seeing as she wasn’t really wanted by the captain of the team anyway. I’m curious as to who sent her up there and why it wasn’t a unanimous decision as to her inclusion on the trip.

We get to see the Faded Man again for a split second, but we don’t get a full understanding of how he’s destroying these worlds. We know his mere touch is deadly, but we don’t quite get to see how his touch affects his surroundings and/or why he’s killing planet after planet. I’m interested as to what his motives are and whether Earth is next or not. If it is, the team is going to need Sarah, as she’s the only one who has seen him—and vice versa.

Juan Doe’s illustrations perfectly accompany the mysticism of the script. His character designs are eerie enough to evoke a sense of fright and suspense. The Faded man in particular looks absolutely menacing. The designs for the aliens are friendlier looking, but still strange enough to keep us on edge. The coloring is done with the tone of the issue in mind. Nothing is particularly realistic, from the artificial lighting in the team’s ship to the ethereal and psychedelic designs that come into play when Sarah travels onto new planets. We get a lot of reds, oranges, and greens that blend together seamlessly, creating an aesthetically enthralling atmosphere.

In the back of my mind, I can’t help but wonder if being in space really is just causing Sarah to have hallucinations. Does she really have paranormal powers? Can she really connect with the ether? Is the Faded Man even real, or is he a figment of Sarah’s imagination/manifestation of her fears? Did these alien races really get wiped out, or is Sarah subconsciously creating fictitious proof of her theories?

This is a great series for anyone who likes science fiction and/or space exploration. It’s an intricate storyline depicted with a simplistic storytelling style. Visually, this book draws me in more than most other books I’ve read recently. The line work is really clean, but the coloring makes it look more surreal than anything. I fully recommend this series for anyone interested in this genre. Head out to your local comic shop and give it a read!

Written by: Jeff Loveness

Illustrated by: Juan Doe