World Reader #1 ComicWow! Review


Sarah is a psychic astronaut who talks to the dead. On a mission with her crew, she sees something truly frightening. We weren’t always alone, but we are now… And that’s all because someone—something—is killing life itself.

Jeff Loveness is an Emmy-nominated writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Emmys, the Onion News Network, the Oscars, and Marvel Comics. His credits include Groot and Nova, but World Reader is his first creator-owned series.

Loveness’ writing in this issue is really simple, and that lends a great hand to the atmospheric tone of the story itself. There is minimal text in this issue, and most of it is narration in the form of caption boxes. We do get some bits of dialogue, but not all too much. The dialogue is natural and can be read with an incredible ease, especially between Sarah and her partner. I can actually really appreciate Loveness’ basic use of text to get the story across, which he does flawlessly.

This is in large part thanks to artist Juan Doe. Doe has been working in the comic book industry for over 10 years now, and his credits include Fantastic Four in Puerto Rico, The Legion of Monsters, Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow, and Animosity: The Rise.

Doe’s illustrations in this issue have really clean line work, but a uniquely unrealistic style about them. This is, of course, due to the fact that what’s being portrayed is supposed to be another planet. Rachel Deering’s colors help with the otherworldly vibe going on in this book, too. We see a lot of panels that are all purple, all green, all blue, and really unrealistically shadowed. Because of these colors paired with Doe’s illustrations, this book borders on horror, to be honest. The art style is perfect, creepy, eerie, and—for lack of a better word—trippy. There are a variety of panel layouts, too, which make sure to keep our attention the entire way through the issue.

This is a really simple issue to start off what is bound to be one rollercoaster of a series. We only meet three characters in this issue, but they all have strong personalities that will be interesting to watch progress as the story moves forward. For now, head out to your local comic shop and pick up issue #1 so you can keep up with this madness!

Written by: Jeff Loveness

Illustrated by: Juan Doe