Weta Workshop Lord of the Rings Mini Epics ComicWow! Review


If you’re the same kind of nerdy that I am, you’re damn near obsessed with Lord of the Rings. The books, the movies, the toys, the apparel, the whole franchise! Weta Workshop is getting in on the good good with their own line of Lord of the Rings Mini Epics collectibles. There are five figures in this line, and today we’re going to take a look at all of them.

First up we have a Moria Orc. After Durin was killed, Orcs raided Erebor, led by Azog. Thror tried to reclaim Moria with Nar, but they were blocked by the Orcs. Azog killed Thror, and ended up initiating a war between the Dwarves and Orcs. Eventually, the Orcs were driven out of Moria and the Dwarves reclaimed it.

To represent this iconic war in the iconic trilogy, Weta Workshop presents a figure of a Moria Orc. This guy looks gnarly. He’s got the same wardrobe and weaponry as the Moria Orcs in the film. This thing is the same nasty but effective color of green as the rest, only a little brighter. This figure looks pretty cartoonish, but still gets the Moria Orc aesthetic across. We’re talking jagged teeth, power stance, greenish-yellow eyes, everything. It’s sculpted really well and painted even better. For a more lighthearted take on the Moria Orc, this collectible is the way to go.

Next up we have Gollum. I don’t know about you, but Gollum was always one of my favorite characters in the franchise. He stands out so much. He’s so strange, so intriguing, so mysteriously disgusting—in the best way possible. His biggest desire is to get the ring that enslaved him; he has become deformed in body and mind by the ring, and he pursued it for years after Bilbo Baggins found it in the Misty Mountains (see The Hobbit—book).

Like his look in the movies, this figure is reminiscent of his character in that his big blue eyes look suspicious—as if they’re open a little too wide to keep an eye out for enemies, or anyone out to steal his “precious.” Gollum is seen here is his typical pose, kneeling with one hand on the ground (and a dead fish in the other). He wears only a small cloth to cover his bottom half, and is a pale color—you know, because he hasn’t seen much sun as of late. Again, this is a bit cartoonish so it doesn’t look as creepy as the Gollum in the movies, but it portrays his character in an effective manner.

Third in line is the one and only Frodo Baggins. He was a Hobbit of the Shire during the Third Age. He is the most well-known character, being the keeper of the One Ring and going on a quest to destroy it at Mount Doom.

This figure of Frodo is so freakin’ cute, I can barely stand it. It so clearly depicts Elijah Wood’s character in the movies from his shaggy and curly hair to his blue eyes, sharp jawline, and hairy Hobbit feet. We even see the accessories and clothes he wore in the movie. He is seen carrying his sword in hand, ready for anything that may come his way. For a small guy, he sure does now how to journey like a champ and defeat any obstacle in his way.

Now let’s talk about one of my favorites, Gimli. This is the Dwarf. A member of the Fellowship of the Ring, he was one of the Dwarves ready to fight with the Elves against Sauron.

He has the kind of stature and build that is pretty unforgettable, and this figure acknowledges that. The first thing I want to point out is his facial hair. His red beard is something that you just can’t look past in the film, and this collectible shows it off well. He has curly hair in his beard that is colored a bright orange, contrasting well with his darker colored clothing and armor. He stands ready to fight, with a weapon in one hand and the other in a fist on his waist. An embellished version of his big screen character, this figure shows off the best of Gimli’s features—and those that we just can’t forget.

Finally, we have a Berserker of Isengard—the most powerful Uruk-Hai that hail from Saruman’s pits. These huge and fearsome creatures are absolutely terrifying. In fact, it’s said that they weigh 300 pounds and their helmets were filled with the blood of their enemy before battle, so as to awaken the blood-lust and make them essentially immune to any kind of pain. Pretty brutal, huh?

Weta Workshop’s figure of this monstrosity is pretty damn good. The sculpt is done in such a way that the Berserker looks like it is hovering over something as it holds a weapon in hand. Its skin is red, with a grey helmet and white handprints on its skin. It wears tattered shoes and a small piece of clothing to cover its bottom half. This thing definitely looks like a mean-as-hell Berserker, and will complete the collection!

I’d say that some of these are more important to the collection than the others, but that’s just not true. The fact of the matter is, you need all five for the full effect. These are some seriously awesome collectibles that I certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on. Like I said, they’re all mildly cartoonish, but accurately depict their theatrical counterparts. This is a collection that is well worth the buy, guys, so make sure to check it out as soon as you can!