Weapon X #3 ComicWow! Review


After being attacked by two adamantium cyborgs with the same mutant powers, Logan and Sabretooth decide to hunt down what’s hunting them. The enemy has already captured Lady Deathstrike and Warpath, so they’re stronger than you’d expect…

In this issue, Logan and Sabretooth continue their hunt. The cyborgs are just as strong as them, but not as smart. See, Logan and Sabretooth have been through a lot. They have experience—wisdom. So they get on the cyborgs’ trail, leading them to an attack on Domino. When they save the day and the cyborgs have to self-destruct, Domino agrees to hunt with the mutants and hopefully end the endeavor to destroy the race with their own powers. But the team behind the cyborgs has something else in mind—something beyond mutant power. They have their sights set on the Hulk.

Greg Pak (X-Men, Hulk, Hercules, Batman/Superman) is one of my favorite writers, with a lot of amazing credits. His writing in this issue is smooth and natural. Logan and Sabretooth are old enemies, but they talk like old friends. Sure, they insult each other, but let’s be honest; we insult our friends in the most loving of ways, too. Their dynamic is really interesting and I love the way they interact.

The plot is taking a surprising turn with the Hulk coming into play. The logic is to try and use something other than mutants to kill mutants. I mean, can you imagine a cyborg with the Hulk’s physique and Domino’s powers, plus Logan’s healing factor? The thing would be indestructible! The possibilities are endless it seems, so it’ll be fun to see what Weapon X Tactical Command comes up with next.

Greg Land and Ibraim Roberson do an awesome job on the artwork in this issue. The lines are really clean and rather thick, making everything look bold and stoic. The characters are expressive and show a lot of emotion—enough that we can tell what they’re thinking even before dialogue comes into play. Details like the realism of splashing water really add to the believability of the issue. Frank D’Armata’s colors are fairly realistic, too, and pretty bright. He uses natural light to make the action scenes towards the end look really bold and fluid.

Weapon X is getting really intense. I have no idea what to expect from the bad guys, because seriously my mind just keeps coming up with various potential mixes of mutant/hero abilities/powers. Technically, Weapon X could create an indestructible one to wipe out mutants. So, I’m not too sure what Logan, Sabretooth, and Domino are planning besides hunting down the Weapon X folks. How they plan on dealing with their creations is a mystery, but the mind can wonder! I feel like they might need to get more mutants on board, but who knows? We’ll just have to keep reading to see how things play out from here!

Written by: Greg Pak

Illustrated by: Greg Land & Ibraim Roberson