We Come In Peace ComicWow! Review


Rather Dashing Games gives us another gem of a board game, We Come In Peace. Enter the cosmos for a truly interplanetary battle with your friends. The Alliance of Six Planets has ended. You have to defend your home planet from the hordes of flying saucers that threaten your cities and planet as a whole.

This is a fast-paced strategic game in which players send saucers to their enemies’ planets in hopes of destroying their cities and “core,” the center of the planet. There are ways to attack, sure, but there are ways to defend, too. Blasters repel invaders, repairs and rebuilds can replace destroyed cities, and you can deal out damage using missiles. Your goal is to be the alien with the least damage to your planet.

The setup for this game is really easy. There are clear directions for each game piece, which is made with sturdy and solid material—as are the dice, which the game depends on. Grant Wilson, artist on the game, does an amazing job with the aesthetic of the game boards. The artwork is really whimsical, and looks very lighthearted in tone, even with a destructive goal to the game.

The game is for two to six players (best with over three), ages eight and up. The gameplay takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, and is pretty epic despite its innocent appearance. Mike Richie’s design skills are on point. Even though the instructions are written in a way that may confuse players at first, it’s a pretty easy game to play once you get into the flow of things.

For a dice-rolling game, there is a fair deal of strategy in the form of decision-making. This is a really fun game to play with a small group of friends or even for a family game night. For a lighthearted yet adventurous game that is sure to bring some fun to the tabletop, We Come In Peace is the way to go.