Violent Love #2 ComicWow! Review


As the title of the story states, “Sex & Money” are plentiful in this issue. Daisy has grown up a bit, and is still searching to avenge her father’s death. She is living with a man named Charlie now, and the two of them rob banks to get enough cash to get that revenge. Oh, and there’s also a cyborg. What more could you want?!

Daisy’s characterization is really great. She’s an erratic, high-energy woman who is willing to do literally whatever it takes to accomplish her goal. There’s quite a bit of character development, too. In the first issue, Daisy was a sweet girl with a cause. Now, she’s a full-blown criminal. She’s cold. She’s emotionally detached. Once she has a lead to Johnny Nails, she’s recklessly trying to find him.

Barbiere keeps the pacing in this issue steady, but there is one problem. This issue isn’t even comparable to the first in terms of setup, intrigue, and excitement. However, while this issue isn’t as exciting as the last, it is still worth the read to anyone interested in the Bonnie and Clyde type story.

Santos’ artwork pairs perfectly with Berbiere’s storyline and characterization. Much like Daisy’s personality, the panel layouts are sporadic and overlap quite a bit. The dark shadowing and deep colors make for a really dramatic and mysterious tone.

I’m really interested to see how this story pans out. Daisy is one loose cannon as of now, so it’ll be fun to watch how she goes about this whole revenge thing. The frame story also adds an element of intrigue. Why is this story being told to a young child? How will it affect her life? What does she think of it? Crime fans, this is a must-read, so get on it!

Written by: Frank J. Barbiere

Illustrated by: Victor Santos


2 3 4