Touria ComicWow! Review


Princess Tara and her brother, Prince Talan, are young, attractive, and ready to be married off. But they have demands. The people of the country need to prove their love. On a quest to collect gems and jewelry—oh, and defeat a dragon—to get the king’s approval, players must visit the country’s towers to prove their worth to win the royal hand.

This game comes with one game board, four towers, four screens, one heroes’ group, 65 gems, one color die, nine castle doors, 16 swords, 16 magical items, 32 hearts, 18 trader orders, 37 gold coins, four elixirs, and four crests.

Touria is meant for two to four players, ages 10 and up. It takes about an hour to get through the game, which isn’t bad at all. This game features a lot of movement and exploration, so once gameplay gets started, things move rather quickly.

On any given turn, there’s quite a bit to think about. Each space after three costs one coin. You can only use each road segment once per turn, and if you go through a gem mine, you can collect them (so the efficient route isn’t always the best choice). You can get swords from the swordmaster, sell gems, get a magical item, discard a black gem, draw a gem from the thieves den, fight the dragon, go to the goldsmith to trade, or pay a coin to be transported anywhere—by a wizard!

Klemens Franz’s illustrations are on point in this game. Everything looks proper old timey, the castle and towers look realistic, but there is an animated aspect to the game that makes it look more fantastical than anything. The material used for this game is also really sturdy, providing assets that can stand up to a ton of gamging.

R&R Games, Inc. has put out yet another great themed game for the adventure and fantasy enthusiast. Touria is a game that will give you and your friends one awesome game night!