Through the Woods #3 ComicWow! Review


Issue #3 of Through the Woods is here, and concludes the series both effectively and entertainingly.

In the last two issues, Laura Langley (investigative reporter) inherited a house and cabin in North Hudson. She did some research and learned that the place has quite a colorful history, including a lumberjack (Jack Lombardo) who was falsely accused of killing a girl (Lulu) when another lumberjack (John Slatcher) actually did it. Oh, she also met a really cute wolf named Hatchet. The town has had a series of strangely steady deaths lately, so Laura, Jack, Hatchet, and Lulu try to find the culprit.

In this issue, Lulu’s spirit guides Hatchet, Jack’s spirit, and Laura to John. After a long and heated battle, Jack is victorious. The truth is revealed and Laura has an intricate story to write about.

This issue is written in such a way that it ties up all loose ends, but it seems a bit rushed. The pacing is really fast, and a little uncomfortable. But pacing aside, this is a great issue to end the series. The supernatural aspect of the spirits that haven’t moved on is resolved, and Laura finally solves the mystery surrounding her family and the property she inherited.

This is some of the cleanest artwork I’ve ever seen. The lines are solid and vary in weights. With such realistic and anatomically correct illustrations, a lot of emotion can be seen in the characters’ reactions/interactions. The natural lighting is executed flawlessly, with appropriate shadowing where need be.

This story has elements that all comic book readers can enjoy. From an enthralling plot to gorgeous artwork, every single page of this series is worth the read.

Written by: Vinnie Tartamella & Frankie Tartamella

Illustrated by: Vinnie Tartamella