This Belongs in a Museum ComicWow! Review


The Golden Age of Archeology meets the tabletop in This Belongs in a Museum, the new strategic tile-laying game from Rather Dashing Games. With a name giving a solid nod to the famous Indiana Jones, we know that with this game comes adventure. Players traverse seas and mountains, using dig sites, camps, and airports to collect valuable artifacts and outwit their opponents (or, in this case, colleagues).

Each player builds their domain and is off to collect artifacts around the game space. But they must be careful and cautious of the mummies that can be placed in their paths. The archeologist with the most points from the most artifacts at the end of the game wins! And as a bonus, the game comes with four cards to match each archeologist; the cards have powerful talismans on them that the players can use to their advantage!

It’s always a risk when a board game comes without a game board. What makes This Belongs in a Museum even more interactive, though, is the fact that players essentially build the board themselves. Luckily, all the pieces that come with the game are really sturdy and ready for a lot of gameplay.

The game itself is for two to four players, ages 10 and up. To get through one game, it takes no more than about 30 minutes, so this is perfect for a family game night when you’ve got a ton of games to get through.

The instructions to the game are simply written and easy to understand. It moves along at a fast pace, is very engaging, and is sure to liven up any game night. The box comes with four archeologists (with stands), four mummies (with stands), one tomb tile, four base camps, and 54 dig sites—no, that’s not a typo. With so many chances to collect artifacts, it’s going to be a close race to find out who the most renowned archeologist is.

This isn’t just a game of good times with your friends and/or family. This is adventure right in your living room. This is exploration in the comfort of your home.

This Belongs in a Museum is just one of Rather Dashing Games’ Drawn & Quartered series of tile-laying games. The others are Pirates, Ninjas, Robots & Zombies and Graveyards, Ghosts & Haunted Houses. Rather Dashing Games is on fire, with amazing games like Element, We Come in Peace, Four Taverns, Red Hot Silly Peppers, X Marks the Spot, and Dwarven Miner. If you haven’t checked out these games yet, it’s about that time. Make your way over to your local game shop and get hip to it!