The Uncanny Inhumans 1.MU #1 ComicWow! Review


The Leviathons have arrived, and the Inhumans are right in the middle of the action. After saving some locals, the team gets on the case of how to defeat them. Thankfully, Captain Swain is in power. However, even the beast retaliates. Crystal starts to wonder, is Swain a hero of just the translator?

We find an unlikely hero in this issue. The concept isn’t new, but it still has its endearing qualities. It is, however, one story with the same premise as tons and tons of others just like it. Paul Allor does an awesome job with the writing, namely Swain’s character. I mean, when she gets inside the monster’s head, it’s freakin’ beautiful. But the monster seems to get into her head, too, and I would’ve loved to see more detail on that.

Teams are always tricky to write, because they need to work cohesively, as a unit, together, in sync. That means the character interaction needs to be on point. I’m happy to say that Allor’s writing perfectly illustrates what character interaction should look like. Open communication, lots of dialogue, and a ton of movement. But this is where the artwork comes into play. Even though the plot isn’t all too interesting, the writing is.

Brian Level’s illustrations are really clean, fluid, and show a lot of motion. His characters’ facial expressions are really realistic and make the issue a lot more dramatic. The panel layout could be better, but it doesn’t take all too much away from the storyline. The monsters look fierce, but I’m not going to lie—the bright and almost pastel colors do not help with the sense of urgency.

For new readers, this story might be a tad confusing or, at least, leave our explanations of the characters (namely Swain, like her tail and her connection with others’ minds). A lot of action sequences look really well-drawn, but the color gets a little funky towards the end. The “inner-mind” splash page looks gorgeous, though—ethereal, almost—and really speaks to Swain’s abilities.

This is a good addition to the Monsters Unleashed event, and is published as a one-shot so it doesn’t have all too much weight in the event as a whole, but is still a great story for any fan of the Inhumans. Head to your local comic book shop and check it out!

Written by: Paul Allor

Illustrated by: Brian Level