The Lost Expedition ComicWow! Review


Osprey Games presents The Lost Expedition! Your team has gone in search of El Dorado, but now you’ll be happy to escape the jungle with the biggest treasure you can: Your life. Make the best out of your limited food, ammo, and health as you go deep into the jungle. Choose your path carefully, and you just might survive.

Something I can’t say too often for tabletop games is that this can be played solo! I know, right?! But you can also play cooperatively, in teams, etc. There are so many possibilities!

The game comes with six explorer cards, nine expedition cards, 56 adventure cards, 28 health tokens, 21 food tokens, 12 ammunition tokens, two pawns, one morning/evening token, one expedition leader token, and two player aids.

The Lost Expedition takes everything into account—time of day, weather conditions, possible discoveries, etc. There are even easy, normal, and hard levels of gameplay! This is a really well designed game with a lot of merit.

The most interesting aspect of this game, though, has to be the history behind it. The Lost Expedition is modeled after one of the most famous explorations known to man: Percy Fawcett’s search for El Dorado. He took his son and his son’s friend to the Amazon and never returned. This was big news in the ‘30s. Designer Peer Sylvester (The King is Dead, Let Them Eat Cake) wanted to explore Fawcett’s journey more, and reflect his open attitude about exploring and respect for the territory.

Artist Garen Ewing illustrates the game’s cards and cover, and it looks amazing. There is a slight animation to the art style, but not so much that the realism gets lost. This game is still really immersive, taking 30-50 minutes to play fully through. This is the perfect game for anyone who is looking for an adventure in the safety of their home.