The House #1—2 ComicWow! Review


Very rarely does a comic book throw truly surprising twists and turns in a single issue, but The House does so with ease and intrigue. This series has a very Grave Encounters kind of feeling to it. In this World War II horror comic, a group of soldiers seek shelter in an old house to stay safe from the blizzard outside. Once inside, though, they realize that this house is no ordinary one… When people start dying and the men come to find there is no way out, they’ll have to fight off a lot more than a blizzard.

Phillip Sevy’s writing is fluid and really appealing. His writing style is almost poetic, keeping things interesting and suspenseful at the same time. The first two issues of this series open up in a very cinematic way—an opening scene, credits, title, and then the story. It’s actually a really great way to pull readers in.

The storyline is unique, but the concept of the plot has been done before. I do really like how Sevy blends history and horror together, though. The best part of the writing, though, has to be the sense of urgency we get from the soldiers’ reactions to the house.

Drew Zucker’s illustrations have really clean lines and have a bit of a cartoonish art style to them. The characters don’t look all too realistic, but they are animated enough that they show a lot of expression and emotion. There are a few inconsistencies here and there when it comes to facial detail and shape, but the artwork is actually really good. Despite a lack of realism in the characters’ faces, things like the folding of clothes and movement in the characters’ actions/reactions show a lot of relatable and instinctive motions.

The eeriness and discomfort alone make this series well worth the read. History buffs and horror fans, this series was meant for you, so make sure to keep an eye out for more!

Written by: Phillip Sevy

Illustrated by: Drew Zucker