The H-Boyz #1—4 ComicWow! Review


Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll get a literal meaning in The H-Boyz. Blake and Clay, the titular characters and co-creators of this gem of a series, are two musicians hooked on drugs and booze, going on misadventures from day to day. These range from dealing with their horrid landlady, Regina Munster, all the way to playing gigs with their band and trusted drummer, Randy.

The writing in this series is beyond humorous. The titular characters make for two really fun protagonists. They interact in a natural but vulgar manner, wherein the dialogue is both believable and hilarious. Its informal nature tells us a lot about Blake and Clay’s relationship as well as their individual personalities. Even though these two are pretty “out there,” we can still sympathize with them. We want them to win in every situation.

The artwork is what stands out the most. The caricature-esque characters are really emotive, and show a lot of hyperbolized actions/reactions. All four issues are in black and white, but provide solid inking and subtle nuances to account for both shading and highlighting. In turn, there is a slight element of realism to the series, but the cartoonish art style definitely takes the lead.

The panels can get a little cluttered and, normally I’d say this is a bad thing, but it lends itself well to the overall tone of the series. Not only does it reflect the content, but it further shows us about Blake and Clay’s lives as the protagonists of this series. They’re messy, confused most of the time, and just plain funny. Small details like a recurring GWAR t-shirt make the series even better. The artwork holds a lot of small nuances that help contribute to the tone of the series as a whole.

For anyone who can’t really stand drug use and sexual situations, this series isn’t for you. Those of you who can handle a lot of it, you’re going to love The H-Boyz. This is comedic genius, and is well worth the read for any adult looking for a funny story. You can hear The H-Boyz’s music online at, and learn more about the creators!

Written & Illustrated by: Blake and Clay Henss