The Deep #1 ComicWow! Review


This is where the hit Netflix series began! When an earthquake off the coast of Greenland leads to monster sightings, the Nekton family (William—dad, Kaiko—mum, Fontaine—daughter, Ant—son, and pet fish, Jeffrey) are on the case. When the family is underwater, though, they find something bigger and scarier than what they bargained for. Will they find the dragons they’re looking for? Will they find something worse? Will Ant ever teach his fish to fetch? Who knows?! Anything can happen!

Technicolor’s CG-animated series, The Deep, was picked up by Netflix last year in the U.S. (overseas in 2015). It is about a family of underwater explorers with high-tech equipment to help them. The show is geared towards children ages 6—12, and has gotten great ratings.

Tom Taylor’s version of these characters is spot on. Ant has a lot of energy and hope, William has his eyes set on discovery, Kaiko serves as the mediator (as most mums do), and Fontaine is the sassy eldest daughter with a bit of negativity/realism to her. Each character gets an equal amount of time on the page and is portrayed with a lot of personality and energy. This is a family it takes effort to keep up with.

The way that this mystery comes about is actually really interesting. There is something lurking in the dark waters of the ocean, but we don’t comprehend its mass until we see that it has eaten nearly half of a blue whale, the largest animal on Earth. So what in the world could have attacked it?

James Brouwer gives us a beautiful look at the creature that pulled this stunt. We get a two-page splash showing us the sheer enormity and eeriness of this beast. It has razor-sharp teeth, a really defined jaw line, menacing eyes, and a body that’s a little out of focus, so I’m hoping we get to see more next issue.

Both Tom Taylor and James Brouwer work effectively with the rest of the creative team to produce an insanely captivating book. The simplicity of the open water mixed with the looming danger therein is too much intrigue to look past. Water is a beautiful thing, but god damn is it scary!

This is a great series for fans of the Netflix show, the action/adventure genre, and ocean life. This is a series that will pull you in and never let go. Now that I’ve read issue #1, I’m ready for more!

Written by: Tom Taylor

Illustrated by: James Brouwer


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