The Avengers #1.MU #1ComicWow! Review


Event tie-ins are always exciting. As for Marvel, the most recent event brings colossal creatures to your favorite titles. When Leviathons (giant monsters) start wreaking havoc across the world, the heroes of the Earth must stop them. But even working together, the Avengers, Champions, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Inhumans might not be enough to defeat the Leviathons. More and more keep showing up, and it seems nearly impossible to beat them.

Spider-Man has a meeting with Jimmy Dee, who tells him that the Maggia is meeting in Boston. Spidey then goes and tells the rest of the Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Hercules, The Vision, and The Wasp) about the lead. In Boston, they meet The Controller, a scientist turned villain to take control of his victims’ minds while enhancing his abilities. Finally, we get an insanely awesome looking monster that comes into the picture. But after beating that one, more start to show up. Little do they know, this is happening around the entire world. The issue ends with something very peculiar regarding Spider-Man, and I’m stoked to find out what it is!

I have few qualms with this issue, but fairly big ones. The first half of the issue is nearly all exposition. I found myself wondering where exactly these so-called monsters were. They don’t come in until about halfway through the issue. I must say, though, when they do, I’m impressed.

Secondly, there are a lot of jokes about modern technology and social media. Spider-Man is hip, but Jimmy Dee isn’t. I’m sure this was meant to add a comedic aspect to the storyline, but it doesn’t read all that well. Another quasi-comedic technique is when not only Spider-Man but the rest of the Avengers learn that the crime is going down in Boston. They all think they’re too good for street crime in Boston. I was actually pretty surprised by this. Yeah, it’s the Avengers, but I always thought of them as humble people. I’ve sort of changed my outlook on them a bit now. Instead of heroic, they seem like rather petty people.

But regardless of location, the Avengers still go (this is where things get juicy), which I absolutely love. The second half of the story is probably the better half, with a lot of character interaction, dialogue that pushes the story forward, and the monsters that I had been eagerly awaiting. Zub does an awesome job of making the latter half of the issue really enthralling. In large part, though, this is because of the artwork.

Sean Izaakse’s illustrations make this issue as amazing as it is. The battle scenes look really clean and are actually fairly easy to follow. Frank D’Armata’s colors also help the artwork pop off the page. There is a great deal of heavy shadowing, which gives the issue a certain sense of mystery and intrigue. The artwork also plays into the cliffhanger, which I am already dying to figure out—and I just read issue #1!

Monsters Unleashed is an event that has been well-hyped and highly anticipated. Although this issue had a few problems here and there, it still tells a great story, and is a great read for any Marvel fan—especially those who have been looking forward to this event. Head over to your local comic shop, give this issue a read, and let us know what you think either here or on some of our other social media sites: Facebook and Twitter.

Written by: Jim Zub

Illustrated by: Sean Izaakse


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