Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures Vol. 4 ComicWow! Review


This trade paperback collects issues #13–14 and the Carmelo Anthony special, including stories done in the basic style of the Nickelodeon series. Unlike the other IDW series, TMNT Amazing Adventures is more humorous and “kid-friendly.”

This collection includes the origin of “the Drip.” This character is one of Donatello’s experiments that goes all wrong and endangers the Turtles.  It is a sentient drop of water. Written by Matthew Manning with art by Chad Thomas, this story really has the feel of an episode of the TV series, especially as the longest story in the series.

The middle story (and shortest in this volume), “Instrumental,” features artwork by Buster Moody. This story has the Turtles forming their own heavy metal band.  This causes Shredder serious problems.   The artwork is stylistically different from the other stories in this volume.  It has a different texture to it.  Although not similar to the Classic Eastman/Laird era, Moody’s artwork has a slight “underground” edge to it that is refreshing.

“Remember that One Time?” written by Matthew K. Manning with art by Jon Sommariva, features Mikey being down in the dumps because he can’t go to see a favorite comedian perform.  Rennet, Assistant Time Master in Training, uses her power to help Mikey out, creating an interesting time paradox in the process.

The final story in this volume is the Carmello Anthony Special. In this story, Shredder has a new plan to create mutants that are mindlessly obedient to him. He needs an athlete, so he has his foot soldiers kidnap Carmello Anthony.  It is up to the Turtles to rescue him.

This is a great mix of stories that is sure to keep the attention of any TMNT fan. Head to your local comic book shop to give it a read!

Written by: Matthew K. Manning & Caleb Goellner

Illustrated by: Chad Thomas, Buster Moody & Jon Sommariva


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