Tank Girl: Two Girls, One Tank #4 ComicWow! Review


Last issue, Sub Girl left Tank Girl outside her sub as they were being shot at by the authorities in the sky. In this issue, Tank Girl gets inside the tank, filled with rage. As she beats Sub Girl, the truth comes out. The man who saved Sub Girl (Dr. Dick) used her to fill the void of a lost love, Gloria. She escaped, but has never been the same. Sub Girl goes back to his house to find Gloria’s treasures. Jet Girl tries to get the treasure with her so that they can all just leave, but it triggers a trap. Tank Girl is stuck with the most difficult decision of her life: save Jet Girl or Sub Girl?

Writer Alan Martin makes this issue the most dramatic one of the series. The two silliest of characters, Barney and Booga, are barely in this issue. Instead, the focus is on the solemn story of Sub Girl and how she ended up in the vulnerable position she’s in now.

The end of this issue was a dark and twisted way for Martin to test Tank Girl’s friendship with both Jet Girl and Sub Girl. I can only imagine the internal agony she must have felt while choosing which friend to save and which to let die. Dr. Dick, meanwhile, was having a ball while watching all three women suffer. Dude is seriously messed up.

Brett Parson’s illustrations have clean lines for the most part, but are not too realistic. That being said, Parson is able to show a lot of emotion in his characters. Without having to worry about realism, Parson gives expressions and movements an added emphasis to stress the characters’ feelings. The more animated art style is perfect for Tank Girl, seeing as these books have always been over-the-top, action-packed, energetic, and really fun.

This is an intense conclusion to the epic series that is Two Girls, One Tank. But don’t fret! Tank Girl: Gold is coming in September! Meanwhile, catch up on this series and see what shenanigans our gang of misfits got into! Also, find out which friend Tank Girl decided to save!

Written by: Alan Martin

Illustrated by: Brett Parson


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