Tank Girl: Gold #1 ComicWow! Review


When we last left Tank Girl and her band of misfits, she had saved Jet Girl’s life only to end Sub Girl’s. Now, she has died and come back to life for the second time. In this issue, we come to find that it is Booga’s fault that Tank Girl lost her tank; he gambled it away while Barney watched and did nothing. This means that Sub Girl’s situation wouldn’t have even happened if they hadn’t gotten so involved in that card game. So, what’s next?

REVENGE. Tank Girl, Sub Girl, and Jet Girl all hatch a plan to get revenge on Booga and Barney. Barney has to sit and write a letter of apology, while Booga must walk the Furry Road. No big deal to someone who is hearing it for the first time, but Furry Road is as bad as it gets. At the end of the road, there is a village of women who are “starved of heterosexual intercourse.” This “Muffamuffa Tribe” (I see what you did there, Alan Martin, you clever man) is also afflicted by a genetic STD. Needless to say, Booga is worn out by the time he gets back to the group. Barney’s letter had nothing to do with an apology, but they let it pass. Now that everyone is even, what will they do with all the gold they found?

In a small backstory, Booga and Barney spend all the money at a jewelry shop, buying watches and rings. The owner suspects it is Nazi Gold (given the swastika on each piece), but Booga insists it is TANK GIRL GOLD!

Writer Alan Martin is a co-creator of Tank Girl. Needless to say, he knows the character pretty darn well—and it shows. The script in this issue is fluid and natural. Although the characters are cruder than what we are used to hearing in everyday life, it comes off as perfectly natural for anyone who knows the characterization of this ragtag group. These five characters are so close to each other; the character interaction is really believable and sincere. But they’re also up against a lot of insane adventures and unfortunate circumstances, so their individual characterizations make the story very interesting—we get more than one reaction.

There is a lot of humor in this story, which is very characteristic of Tank Girl, so I’m glad things haven’t changed in that aspect. In terms of a “wow factor,” Sub Girl is alive?! She had been dead for over a quarter of an hour, but a little electricity brought her back. However unrealistic this sequence of events seems, it certainly does the trick! I’m super excited that Sub Girl is back, and really curious as to how she is going to function, having to deal with memory loss…again. Will she remember that Tank Girl saved Jet Girl’s life instead of hers? Will she lose her mind like last time? How will the rest of the team handle it? Who knows?!

Brett Parson’s illustrations are lively and emotive. With an unrealistic art style penned in thick lines and geometric shapes, it is easy to lose reality in a story like this. Instead, the story carries us on quite a journey because of the artwork. Because the characters are so emotive, their facial expressions and body language are really emphasized throughout the issue. These characters look the part of the grungy runaways, too. Tank Girl’s appearance has always been unorthodox, to say the least. All of her friends join that bandwagon and look just about the same—especially Sub Girl. These are very specific characters that you’ll either love or hate—no in between.

This is a great start to the next Tank Girl story arc. The last left us feeling the feels, but this one has us both confused, stricken with laughter, and curious as to what this group is going to do with so much Nazi Gold—ahem, I mean Tank Girl Gold. Whatever they choose, I’m sure it will be nothing short of EPIC.

Written by: Alan Martin

Illustrated by: Brett Parson


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