Super Powers! #1 ComicWow! Review


Gotham City is in trouble! Batman is nowhere to be found, while The Riddler, Croc, The Penguin, and Mr. Freeze are on the loose. But no need to fear; Superman is on the case! As it turns out, Brainiac has Batman hostage on the planet of New Krypton. It takes both Superman and Wonder Woman to save Batman…but that’s just the beginning. Lex Luthor has something up his sleeve—and it can’t be good for our heroes.

Writers Baltazar and Franco have made the script just about as straightforward as can be. To someone who is used to reading more complex and sophisticated comics, it may even seem cheesy. But the great thing about this series is that it is an all ages one. This is actually a pretty neat concept. Usually, we see a lot of violence and destruction and what not in these books, but this issue focuses on plot more than extraneous events for effect and tone.

The language used is simple and very easy to understand. This makes the issue go by at a really fast pace. The only slip up I had while reading was a typo that read “speach” instead of “speech.” It’s a fairly simple word, so I was surprised that editor Kristy Quinn didn’t pick up on it. Other than that, the script is smooth and fluid.

Baltazar’s illustrations are very kid-friendly. The art style is super animated, and the entire issue looks like a cartoon. Granted the characters don’t have as much of a dramatic look to them, they still do their jobs perfectly well. There are really thick line weights and very expressive facial features, making this issue seem really lively, yet unrealistic. The incredible amount of bright and bold colors draws the eye in and doesn’t let go.

This is a great story for kids who want to get into superheroes, but aren’t quite mature enough to handle stories like Arkham Asylum. For superhero fans who want a story with as much drama but a bit of a lighthearted execution, this is definitely the book for you. DC Comics doesn’t have an overwhelming number of all ages comics, but the ones they do have are both adorable and entertaining. Head over to your local comic book shop, give this a read, and keep up to see what Lex Luthor is planning next!

Written by: Art Baltazar & Franco

Illustrated by: Art Baltazar


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