Star Wars: Poe Dameron #15 ComicWow! Review


General Organa’s Resistance (including Poe Dameron and Black Squadron—his team of pilots) is standing against the oppressive First Order. But the team has just been through a bittersweet win, having lost one of their own, L’ulo. Terex was taken prisoner and turned into a mechanized, subservient being. After last issue’s emotional tribute to Carrie Fisher, Black Squadron cut the mourning short and prepare for the next mission.

The Resistance is nearly out of fuel, and their contacts list is running dry—as if they’re being targeted. The last hope they had is lost when the First Order shows up on Captain Perrili’s ship before Black Squadron does. Now, Black Squadron is flying a bomb through space, with low fuel and their new batch stolen. But the team isn’t ready to give up yet. Poe is determined to get that fuel back and have another go at the First Order.

Charles Soule’s writing shows us a lot about how the First Order is dealing with the Resistance. The back and forth with Captain Perrili shows a lot about the confidence and process of how the First Order is going about making sure the Resistance has nothing to work with. There is a lot of really great character interaction, especially within Black Squadron. These characters are sticking together no matter what. They only had fuel for one person, but the whole team decided to fly light and go together. Now that Poe is stuck piloting a bomb, the rest of the team is doing everything they can to make sure he and BB-8 are safe. Poe himself isn’t giving up, and the whole team is by his side, if nothing else, for L’ulo. It says a lot about the kind of team they are and how determined they are to take down the First Order.

Unzueta’s illustrations are beautiful. The point of view on the very first page is well done and shows a lot of perspective. Captain Perrili and her crew are also a really interesting looking alien species. Their design is probably my favorite part of this issue’s artwork. We can so clearly tell that this species is far from human. There are humanistic qualities of their design, but not too much. Captain Perrili has an elongated neck, four arms, a very small torso, and feet that definitely don’t resemble ours. Unzueta shows us a lot of emotion, too. Poe has the most expressive facial features of all, and we can really see when he is feeling concern, determination, reluctance, etc.

This is a pretty dark issue, and understandably so. The darker colors really help portray the uneasy tone of the story, especially since the Resistance is pretty much out of options at this point when it comes to fuel. I don’t know how they’re going to catch up to the First Order and get their fuel back, but I can at least rest easy knowing that Black Squadron is far from giving up. Overall, this is a good issue that any Star Wars fan would benefit from reading.

Written by: Charles Soule

Illustrated by: Angel Unzueta