Star Wars: Poe Dameron #14 ComicWow! Review


It’s a sad day for the Resistance as they mourn the loss of a fallen brother, pilot L’ulo. Terex was taken prisoner by the First Order, who intend to punish him for defying them. Now, Black Squadron (Poe and his pilots) and their comrades have come together to celebrate the legacy of L’ulo.

In this issue, C-3PO’s memory chip (filled with Resistance secrets) was stolen by Terex. Good thing is, it’s useless now. The very first page of this issue is a tear-jerker. Leia stands over an empty casket to remember L’ulo. She stands in a position of power, authority, elegance, and inspiration. She and Poe have a heart to heart before the Resistance sets off on a new mission—Leia tells Poe that he was meant to not only fight, but to inspire, just as she does. Terex is given a new path to follow, and his character takes a turn that is rather shocking.

This issue wasn’t supposed to be as focused around Leia, but Charles Soule made it so to celebrate her legacy. Carrie Fisher’s death took a toll on all of us who grew up looking up to her, and Soule is making sure that she is remembered the way she deserves to be. She was a strong force and advocate for women, animals, the LGBT community, mental health, AIDS awareness, etc. She was a truly rare and beautiful soul, and she will never be forgotten.

Angel Unzueta’s illustrations alone could tell us that this issue is a tribute to Carrie Fisher. From page one, we see panel after panel of Leia in highly respected and revered positions. She doesn’t only do her job at the Resistance; she guides and inspires the rest of her team. Unzueta’s artwork resembles The Force Awakens so much that I might go so far as to say that there is an element of hyper-realism with regard to the actors/actresses in the film (Poe and Leia, especially). The precision with which each panel is laid out shows an immense attention to detail that comes off as professional and heartwarming.

Soule’s script couldn’t be more perfect, with so much emotion driving it. We get some beautiful character interaction between Phasma and Terex, then with Leia and Poe. Phasma is an interesting character, and has been from the start. She is mysterious and, while we don’t get too much about her character in this issue, we can still tell what kind of leader she can be. Leia and Poe’s one-on-one conversations are deep, meaningful, insightful, telling, and flawless. Soule really does a fantastic job of telling this story in a way that makes us feel so incredibly emotional and attached to the characters.

Star Wars fans, Carrie Fisher fans, Poe Dameron fans, Charles Soule fans, you can’t miss out on this one. This issue is a powerful homage to Fisher and everything she offered us. Head to your local comic shop and give this gem of a book a read.

Written by: Charles Soule

Illustrated by: Angel Unzueta