Star Trek Waypoint #5 ComicWow! Review


Cavan Scott is known for his work on Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes.  Some of his other credits include Vikings, Power Rangers, Adventure Time, and Penguins of Madascar.  Artist Josh Hood worked on Star Trek before (Star Trek Deviations)  He also worked on We Can Never Go Home, JLA: Scary Monsters, Superboy and the Ravers, Grimm Faury Tales: Myths and Legends, and more.  Simon Roy worked on Prophet.  He did some Cover work for Godzilla: The Half-Century War.  Other credits include the Field, Jan’s Atomic Heart, and a lot of self-published work.

This issue contains two stories.  The first, “Frontier Medicine,” is a Deep Space 9 story centering on Dr. Julian Bashir.  The Second, “Come Away Child,” is set in the universe of Star Trek: The Original Series.  While Spock and Scotty make minor appearances, the story does not focus on any major characters from that franchise.  Both of these stories are stand-alone pieces; neither story continues or changes the continuity of their franchise.

“Frontier Medicine” examines a classic Trek theme:  how misunderstandings and lack of common language can lead to near tragedy.  An alien (one of the vast number) on the space station is having a medical emergency, and Dr. Bashir finds himself unable to assist. Tragedy is averted through none of Bashir’s efforts; he serves only as a witness to the events.  He receives a comeuppance to his intellectual arrogance; Odo wryly observes: “When will you people learn that being the nest isn’t good enough?  Not out here. Not when you’re dealing with the unknown.”

In many ways, this is a classic Trek story, and readers can easily imagine some version of this making to the small screen.  Scotts’ writing is spot on for his grasp of the characters.  Josh Hood’s artwork is outstanding; he captures these franchise characters perfectly.

Simon Roy’s “Come Away Child” is a very well written story about human relationships and the Prime Directive.  Ensign Herrada, a young federation science officer, is sent to work on an isolated observation station as the aide to Dr. Lewis, a brilliant but difficult researcher.  The researcher is so engrossed in her work that she barely communicates with Herrada.  The isolation is crushing, and Herrada soon discovers the reason why.

Simon Roy’s writing is nuanced and skillful.  He has demonstrated in the past a truly inspired level of artistic skill.  Here, his artwork is a bit uneven; at many points it is far from the level of his work on Captain Canuck, Jan’s Atomic Heart, or Prophet.

Waypoint is an anthology series, giving many different storytellers the opportunity to present original work set in one of the Star Trek Universes.  Those universes are incredibly diverse and lead to a variety of different types of storytelling, appropriate for a vast array of audiences.

Written by: Cavan Scott & Simon Roy

Illustrated by: Josh Hood & Simon Roy