Star Trek: Waypoint #3 ComicWow! Review


Mairghread Scott wrote “The Wildman Maneuver” with a mild but affectionate tongue in cheek.  Told from the viewpoint of Naomi Wildman, is likewise illustrated as if ‘told’ by young Ms. Wildman.  She is assisted in her efforts by her ‘sidekick,’ Seven of Nine.   It features her in a glorious fantasy rescuing the crew of the Voyager.

It is gloriously silly and great fun.

Cecil Castelluci wrote “Mother’s Walk,” set on Deep Space 9.  In it, Major Kira Nerys confronts her post-occupation life.  She lost many family members during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.  She is now confronted by her inability to perform the titular ‘Mother’s Walk,’ a mandatory Bajoran religious and cultural rite, given that so many of her relatives were slain.

This story explores not only the culture of Bajor but also the relationships of these characters.

This issue gives readers to visit two Trek franchises seen less often, DS9 and Voyager.  In the past few issues, Star Trek Waypoint has explored minor characters and ‘what if’ stories.  It will be interesting to see what stories, characters, and themes are explored in issues four, five, and six.

This is the third issue of a six-issue limited series. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of this series.  Often, a series needs more than six issues to find its readership.  Given a longer run, Star Trek Waypoint could be a great companion to IDW’s ongoing Star Trek.

Written by: Cecil Castellucci & Mairghread Scott

Illustrated by: Megan Levens & Corin Howell


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