Star Trek: Boldly Go #3 ComicWow! Review


This new Star Trek series features the crew of the new Star Trek (Pine, Quinto, etc.), and takes place after the events in Star Trek: Beyond.

Captain Kirk is now the commander of the U.S. Endeavor.  Spock and Uhura are living together on New Vulcan, trying to figure out their relationship and careers.  McCoy followed Kirk onto the Endeavor, but he is no longer the Chief Medical Officer.  Sulu, with his husband and daughter have transferred to the USS Concord, and he has received a well-deserved promotion to first officer.    Kirk’s senior staff on the Endeavor includes the first Romulan in Star Fleet.

Scotty is now teaching at Star Fleet academy. The crew has new uniforms. The Borg have arrived.

In their first encounter with the federation in this timeline, they destroyed the USS Concord, and took most of the crew, including Sulu’s Family and Captain Clark Terrell, who gets the Picard/Locutus treatment.

The Endeavor goes after them, picking up Sulu and a few other survivors along the way. Uhura and Spock rejoin them, and the whole “Scooby Gang” of Star Trek is coming back together again.  Chekov is notable in his absence due to the tragic and untimely death of actor Anton Yelchin. Fans will want to see the Enterprise Bridge crew reassemble in time to encounter the Borg.

It will not be the entire crew, however, in this issue, one member gets captured by the Borg, and astute readers know what that means.

Mike Johnson, who wrote the Spectrum Wars, the Green Lantern/Star Trek crossover event and is heavily involved with its 2017 sequel, is an expert at giving the fans what they want, and again, he hits the target with this series.  He has a fine grasp of the Star Trek Universe as well as the nuances and details of the characters.  His characters are spot-on and his dialogue rings true.

Tony Shasteens’s artwork is exemplary. Like any good Star Trek artist, he glories in both the intricacies of the technology and the vast reaches of space.  His characters are true to the film versions.

Star Trek fans, especially those who like Johnson’s earlier work, will definitely want this.

Written by: Mike Johnson

Illustrated by: Tony Shasteen


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