Spike ComicWow! Review


In the early 1900s, you are a railroad tycoon trying to expand your rail network by connecting cities in order to transport more goods. With contracts and routes to complete, there’s never a dull moment. Transport the most freight to become King of the Rails!

This game comes with one game board, 12 cargo tokens, 12 commodity price chips, eight high score tiles, three time cards, 36 contract cards, 36 route cards, 60 rail cards, 20 delivery markers, 180 tracks, four locomotive pawns, four score pawns, and four sets of train cars, of which each consists of three locomotive tokens, three coal tender tokens, three freight car tokens, and four player aid cards.

This is a massive board game that requires a lot of attention. For two-four players ages 14 and up, this game takes about an hour to complete. You start out with one city to begin in. The more cities on your route card to connect, the more points you get.

The goal is to become the wealthiest competitor, and you earn money by expanding your route and rail line, delivering goods to as many connected cities as possible. The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to understand. Each player gets one action per turn: draw track cards, construct your rail, get your train moving, use a boost, or upgrade a car. There are more rules to follow and plenty of chances to expand your empire, but everything moves smoothly once each player has taken two or three turns.

The artwork is done really well with clean lines and vibrant colors. The game board itself is of a high quality material, as well as the tokens. This is a great game for any game night, and it’ll eat up a good chunk of time.

This is a really economy-focused, patriotic game. It has a nice theme that will interest a large group of people. It isn’t the most immersive game and has certain repetitiveness, but it’s a really interesting game and a great way to pass time.