Spell on Wheels #2 ComicWow! Review


Our trio of witches (Andy, Jolene, and Claire) is on the move again! After their magical artifacts were stolen, they started a mission to find the person who is now selling them. The best place to start is with the buyers. The girls make their way to Cambridge, Massachusetts. There, a painter is using the items to try and steal power and talent from everyone by drugging them to make them less powerful/resistant to his magic. After the girls barely make it out with their powers, they are on the move again, this time headed to Connecticut.

Kate Leth creates a really interesting dynamic between the witches that can be seen in some detailed characterization. Andy is young, impressionable, and frankly, naïve. This is why she jokingly-yet-insultingly refers to Claire as “mom.” See, Claire is the responsible one. She knows how people act, how they think, and she can tell right from wrong. I guess that’s a benefit of being psychic. She doesn’t drink, and stays level-headed throughout the entire script. Jolene is somewhere in the middle of these two. She has her priorities straight like Claire, but doesn’t mind stopping to enjoy the moment at a party like Andy.

The supporting characters in this issue are also pretty detailed. The buyer of the witches’ orb and crystals is an old man, former painter, and a manipulative dude. Logan is a kind soul who has taken an interest in Andy, and really just wants to help; Claire doesn’t really feel the need for his help. I hope we see more of him, though, because he seems like a nice guy. But things aren’t always that simple…

After seeing the way this first encounter went, I can only imagine the girls’ trip will take them. If all of their stops are like this one, they’re in for some trouble. I’m banking on Leth creating some new and interesting scenarios for us, though. I don’t know what kind of people they’re going to meet along the way, but I’m most looking forward to them finding the culprit—the thief—and the man he’s working for. What kind of magic can block all of their powers? That’s insane!

There are a lot of little nuances that make this script really entertaining, from the inclusion of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” to the old artist’s dislike of millennials’ reactions to his artwork. Leth really knows how to draw a reader in, and this issue is a perfect example of her talent.

Of course, this issue wouldn’t be much without Megan Levens’ illustrations. Her pencils show a lot of emotion in characters’ actions/reactions. They are all very responsive, even though they’re drunk in the meat of this issue. The line work is really smooth, neat, and solid. The cast of the series is really eclectic, too, like all the supporting characters at the party where everyone is drugged. Marissa Louise mixture of realistic and unrealistic colors helps us understand when magic is being used, which is really helpful in a series that is all about magic.

The creative team has done a wonderful job creating a linear and simple-yet-entertaining storyline. These three witches don’t fit the “witch” stereotype, which is bittersweet to me, personally. When I read about witches, I want a lot of cleverness, slyness, and witchcraft at play. However, in this story, the girls are just normal people; we don’t even get to see too much of their powers. It’s awesome that the “evil witch” thinking is being debunked, but I sort of miss it—at least the magic. We’ll just have to keep reading to see whether or not these girls get control of their items and magic going forward. You can pick up this issue and issue #1 at your local comic book shop now!

Written by: Kate Leth

Illustrated by: Megan Levens