Spectaculum ComicWow! Review


In a world of fortunetellers and snake dancers, you determine the paths that four travelling circuses take through a kingdom. With your money, sponsor entertainers and gain more money! This fantasy game is easy to play and winning is simple: find out which shows are worthy of your wealth, and grow your fortune with them!

The game comes with 44 entertainer cards, 96 travel markers, one game board, 48 village tiles, 54 coins, four marking pieces, one cloth bag, a rule book, and four overview cards.

There are four travelling shows in the game, each with a different color and each made up of 11 entertainers. Each travel marker corresponds with its respective travelling show of the same color. These markers are drawn at random and put on the game board to determine where the show is travelling. The village tiles affect the shows by increasing or decreasing their reputation (and income).

Setup is simple, and playing is quick (an entire game lasts about half an hour). Each player’s turn consists of up to two entertainer actions (sponsor or release an entertainer from your sponsorship). The player also must place travel markers on the board. Lastly, the player draws another three travel markers from the bag.


Spectaculum has a great steady pace to it, and gameplay is smooth once things get started and shows get moving. Two to four players can take part in a game, ages eight and up. R&R Games, Inc. is known for putting out games with strong themes like this one. It baffles me how immersive these games are, but that makes them even more worth the time! For any fantasy fan, this game is a must-have at your next game night.