Speak No Evil #2 ComicWow! Review


After Silas and Edwin find a cabin filled with technological goodies, they decide to be the curious youngsters they are and test some of the equipment out. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan and the kids have quite the run-in with some men who are after them for stealing their truck. Silas and Edwin show up at a pub looking for help, but there’s already some weird things going down in there. Who the heck knows what will happen next?!

My favorite part of this series has to be the artwork. Samir Simao’s illustrations are very detailed and dramatic. There are quite a few extraneous lines in the artwork, but they further establish Simao’s desire for a more detailed aesthetic and darker tone (as most of the lines are used in a lot of shading). The characters’ expressions come through really well, as does the sheer evil on Aathemon’s face as it takes over hosts. Movement is shown with a lot of fluidity and believability. There’s actually a decent amount of action in this issue—exploding bodies and flying limbs and what not—that is so blatantly violent that it’s almost funny.

George Tripsas and Justin Corbett write this issue with a pretty fast pace. There is a lot going on so I understand that the story needs to move pretty quickly, but lingering on a few details here and there, like the equipment the boys found, would definitely benefit the realism and detail in the storyline. One thing I love about the script, though, is that it isn’t too text-heavy. The creative team balances the art and words perfectly.

There are two very small backstories at the end of this issue. I’m not going to lie; I was confused at first as to why these two were separated from the bulk of the issue. They could’ve easily been incorporated into the rest of the issue, but given their different settings, I understand the separation for the sake of keeping everything linear.

This is a really interesting storyline that seamlessly blends action, adventure, and history. I’m curious as to what Silas and Edwin have released. If Tesla was so scared that he abandoned his work, what the heck are these two kids going to do about it?! I’m stoked to see where Tripsas and Corbett take this series. If you are to, make sure to pick this issue up and give it a read! You won’t be disappointed.

Written by: Justin Corbett & George Tripsas

Illustrated by: Samir Simao