Snotgirl #4 ComicWow! Review


After an emotional outburst, nearly drowning a girl, and one hell of a false alarm, ahem—excuse me—false murder, Caroline (Coolgirl) is alive and well…apparently. Lottie Person (Snotgirl) is still recovering from her mental breakdown that led to all the violence but she’s moving onward with life. At Normgirl’s party, she has a nice-yet-awkward moment with her ex, and comes to find that he was kind of a shitty boyfriend all along. Things are going swimmingly, until Detective John Cho shows up at her home to give her the bloody allergy pills that she dropped on the floor the night of Caroline’s “death.”

Why did John give her the pills? What could this mean? Is Caroline dead or is Lottie hallucinating? What is John’s motive? Writer Bryan Lee O’Malley certainly leaves us wanting more at the end of this issue.

Lottie’s life seems really good. She freaks out over the littlest of things, like a few mean comments on the internet or seeing her ex. Of course, this doesn’t mean her feelings and concerns are any less valid. My point is, Lottie has a simple life, but things are about to change in a big way. Meeting Caroline already started this process, but John is about to put it into overdrive.

Like always, the script in this issue is made of captions, text messages, and dialogue. The captions let us into Lottie’s head a little bit, showing us what she thinks of any given situation/person. We also get to see John’s thoughts as he waits for Lottie to get home. The caption boxes are sort of what give the series its personality. We get to hear the coy-yet-blunt inner monologue of the protagonist, which lends a helping hand to the tone of the issue. When Lottie is suspicious, so are we. When she is nervous, so are we. When she is angry, so are we. Despite Lottie’s questionable persona, this really helps build up some character sympathy. I see what you did there, O’Malley.

The dialogue is simple and realistic. Lottie is a bit awkward, so her dialogue with everyone else has a subtle undertone in which we can find a hint of excessive self-consciousness. Artist Leslie Hung captures this quirkiness perfectly in Lottie’s facial expressions. She often looks a mix of surprised and worried. Mickey Quinn’s washed out colors look pretty dull, but give the issue that soft grunge fashion look that it strives to achieve. The brightness of Lottie’s hair and Caroline’s lipstick contrast with the dulled down colors really well, creating an almost ethereal feeling. I suddenly feel that Lottie isn’t the most reliable narrator after all.

This issue pushes forth the mystery of what the heck John has to do with Lottie other than be a fan of her blog.  It’s only a matter of time before we come find out what’s really going on here. For a truly fun and even suspenseful read, Snotgirl is the way to go.

Written by: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Illustrated by: Leslie Hung


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