Secret Empire: Brave New World #1 ComicWow! Review


Secret Empire: Brave New World #1 is separated into three parts. The first story will continue throughout the miniseries, but the other two can stand alone. “The Invaders” features Namor, Toro, and the Human Torch. The threat of Hydra is looming, and Atlantis is not safe.

Paul Allor writes this story extremely well, and gets Namor’s conviction across really well. The dialogue is strong and powerful, moving the story along at a fast but steady pace. Brian Level’s illustrations are on point, with realistic three dimensional artwork set in a beautiful underwater setting. The shading is heavy and dramatic, making the entire story all the more intriguing.

“Mile Hydra” catches us up on Giant-Man. The writing is smooth and fluid, and Diego Olortegui’s pencils are gorgeous. They hold a lot of detail and movement in them, along with some realistic coloring done by Andy Troy.

In “Propagandamonium,” we get the humorous side of Hydra’s takeover. We see a news segment about Hydra, in which Gwenpool and a suspicious Spider-Man make an appearance talking about Hydra propaganda. Nick Kocher’s writing is hilarious and witty, making this a really fast-paced story. Tana Ford’s artwork is cartoonish with a realistic element, enough to show us the validity of the irony presented in the telecast.

This issue is a mix of three really great stories that tell quite a bit about Hydra’s taking over the country. It doesn’t have a whole lot of impact on the Secret Empire continuity except for Allor’s story, but the two back stories present a lot of entertainment in both storytelling skills and comedy. This is an issue that is definitely worth the read.

Written & Illustrated by: Various