Revolution TPB ComicWow! Review


This Trade Paperback includes Revolution: Prelude and Revolution issues 1-5.

If you read IDW comics, you know that their lineup that includes many toy-related titles (GI Joe, Action Man, Transformers, ROM, Micronauts, MASK).  This is not IDW going in for nostalgia or preservation of comics culture.

Until recently, many of these franchises seldom encountered each other, and that was usually in short crossover events that did not have any real breadth of impact.  Usually it was GI Joe and Transformers who would meet and interact, but that had little impact on series continuity.

Recently, you may have noticed that several of their franchises have crossed over in a major fashion.  Cybertonian technology and Dire Wraiths are popping up in GI Joe and Action Man.  Scarlett shared tactical data with Matt Tracker and Miles Mayhem. Action Man and the Micronauts are also involved.

How did this all happen?  The Revolution Happened.  It was pretty fast, like a meteor strike, and like such a strike, it has changed (not rebooted) the pathway of a major part of the IDW line-up.

It starts before the first issue, before the prelude.  Dire Wraiths have infiltrated human society and their many human organizations, including GI Joe.  ROM, sworn to eradicate Dire Wraiths, kills several – unfortunately, they were Dire Wraiths impersonating GI Joes.  This happens right in the middle of a confrontation between the GI Joes and the Transformers.

The Micronauts, MASK, and Action Man are drawn into the conflict, which expands to involve all of these groups differently.  The writers demonstrate at every turn a deep knowledge and understanding of the various franchises involved.  This depth of knowledge is necessary for an event like this.  There are some amazing reveals about the interrelationship between the franchises, including a shocker connecting Cybertron and the Microverse.  There are changes to characters and franchises, and the “Hasbro Universe” is much changed for the Revolution.  Given the history of crossovers and cannon in the IDW lineup, this lends to fascinating implications for virtually all of the IDW Lineup, from Star Trek and X-Files to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

For fans of the various franchises changed by the events of the Revolution, this is not only great exposition; it is a well-written story that depends on both action and character development.

Written by: John Barber & Cullen Bunn

Illustrated by: Fico Ossio


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