PREVIEWS Exclusive: Infinity Gauntlet Desktop Monument ComicWow! Review


Surreal Entertainment brings us a PREVIEWS Exclusive collectible that is a must-have for any and all comic fanatics!

This Infinity Gauntlet is shown in the shape of a fist, complete with all six “soul” or “Infinity” gems. The sculpt is done incredibly well to reflect the anatomy of a human fist or, at least, Thanos’ fist. The gauntlet sits atop a decorated base with symbols carved into it, giving it a really ancient, stoic, and significant look.

The paint job is done really well and, despite a solid gold color for the whole piece, shows a lot of detail within the sculpt, like the realistic folds and creases in the glove’s wear. The otherworldly engravings on the base help a lot with the authenticity of this item, and make it feel as though it comes straight out of the comic books! The paint job is best on the base, I’d say, with small splattered details and a rustic color choice.

So, no need to scour the universe for the gems. They’re all ready for display in your office! Sure, it might not be able to change the universe, but this monument sure will make your office look better! This item is available June 28th, so keep an eye out for it at your local comic shop!