Old Man Logan #24 ComicWow! Review


Logan has been lost in time while Asmodeus tries to sell his soulless body to the highest bidder. He finally ended up back in the Wastelands, where he found his family alive. But things can’t be that perfect forever. With a little help from the X-Men, he returns to the present and decides to live his life to the best of his abilities.

Last issue, I was concerned that Logan would stay in the Wastelands just because his family is there and their deaths are what haunt him most. At the beginning of this issue, that’s his plan. But as time passes, he starts to realize that they won’t stay together and, instead of watching them die all over again, he needs to move on. I’m really glad he came to this realization, because anything else is just plain unhealthy.

When Asmodeus loses the connection with Logan’s mind, things move pretty quickly until the end of the issue. This all happens really fast, which is kind of a bummer because I wanted to learn more about how he lost that connection in the first place, but it all works out in the end. I had a feeling that the X-Men would have something to do with Logan’s progression towards the present, and Bobby and Jean are awesome in working together against Asmodeus.

This issue is really easy to understand, with simple language in the form of both dialogue and caption boxes. This issue does, however, seem a little rushed towards the end. Even so, what a way to end the miniseries! Logan is finally in the present, and has accepted his life for what it has (and what it lacks).

Nguyen’s artwork is beautiful. It has an abstract quality to it that makes for dramatic storytelling. The line work is clean but gets messy in certain places to add texture and shading. There are some pretty heavy shadows mixed with realistic coloring that adds an element of believability to the issue. Some of these visuals are absolutely striking, and will stay with you long after flipping the back cover.

This is a great issue to end the miniseries. It’s about time Logan moved on, and he’s kind of forced to do so in this issue. For any Wolverine fan, this issue isn’t one to miss out on.

Written by: Jeff Lemire

Illustrated by: Eric Nguyen