‘Namwolf #2 ComicWow! Review


Marty had a rough first day in ‘Nam. After being thrown in jail, he reads a letter from his father, revealing a family secret that Marty isn’t sure whether or not to believe. Back in the field, his fellow soldiers are being attacked by a monster. Just when their time is about up, a werewolf comes out of nowhere and kills the beast that’s attacking them. The werewolf turns out to be Marty, and he is commended for having saved his fellow soldiers’ lives.

Rangel Jr. writes this issue in a really simple way. We don’t get all too much text, but just enough to understand what’s going on. We see caption boxes in first, second, and third person. One is narration, one is from Marty’s father, and one is Marty’s thought process. Beyond this, we get a minimal amount of dialogue, which actually works to the story’s benefit. It’s an atmospheric story that presents a fairly mysterious tone.

I’m curious to see how the group is going to use Marty’s new stature to their advantage. Something that’s really interesting is that even when Marty shifts into werewolf form, he can still understand and speak English. In the majority of werewolf stories within the horror genre, that’s not the case. So, Marty is a real asset to these military men. It should be fun seeing how they plan to utilize the new skills they have with Marty’s transition.

Faerber’s artwork is much like the script—simple. The line work is clean and the illustrations have a cartoonish quality to them that gives the issue a somewhat playful tone in addition to the mysterious one. Even so, we still see a fair amount of gore when the two monsters go head to head. It isn’t quite realistic, but we can tell that Marty is doing some damage.

The creative team on this series has done an amazing job creating a new werewolf story that is bound to have some twists and turns. If the rest of the series is anything like this issue, I’m stoked for more!

Written by: Fabian Rangel Jr.

Illustrated by: Logan Faerber