Namesake #1 ComicWow! Review


Once every seven years, Earth overlaps with Ektae, a world in which alchemy and magic are the driving forces of industry. For seven days, Ektae seeps its magic into our world. Jordan Molossus, firefighter, was born of Earth and Ektae, but abandoned by both. When he receives two iron urns with both his fathers’ ashes, he leaves his work and world behind to lay his parents to rest on Ektae before it disappears for another seven years. But there are a few things in his way, like P. Talason Ferrier’s bounty on his head and Ektae authorities catching him the minute he passes through a portal to their world. Will he be able to fulfill his parents’ death wish?

The first thing I noticed about this issue is the sheer vibrancy of it. Rebelka’s colors are vast and bright in array. There are tons of colors on any given page that look warm and inviting to the eye. The first page alone has greens, blues, pinks, and oranges. In the next two pages, we see drinks, pills, and drugs cluttering the gutters as if they’re popping out at us readers. These unrealistic colors actually help explain the nature of Ektae even more.

Rebelka’s line work isn’t realistic at all, playing to the idea of a different world colliding with Earth. It is pretty blocky, resembling the German Expressionism that has inspired many comic artists. The illustrations get simpler as the issue goes on—simplest when Jordan is at home, and aren’t detailed enough for a world of this capacity—especially when mixed with a world filled with magic. Some proportions are awkward and stick out, but the story is told pretty well through the artwork overall.

Writer Steve Orlando gives Jordan a tough personality and some solid characterization. Jordan is a knowledgeable man with strong convictions. He doesn’t know everything about his past, so there is a bit of mystery to his character. However, what he doesn’t know, he is very defensive about. Whenever someone brings up his parents, Jordan starts throwing fists. It’s about time he finally learned about his dads, and I’m stoked to find out what their deal was when they gave Jordan up.

There are a lot of smaller elements in this story that I love. Jordan has some great relationships in his life. The first is with the rest of his firefighter co-workers/friends. They know him fairly well, and they try to keep him as level-headed as possible. The second is with his roommate and partner (or at least “friend with benefits”), Sid. As much as Sid is on Jordan’s side, he tries to stop him from finding out the truth about his parents. I know why Sid is concerned, especially with the security around the portals and such, but Jordan has wondered about his fathers for his entire life; I think he deserves to make this journey.

It’s going to be fun to see how Jordan goes about discovering his past with so many obstacles in his way. In any case, I am more than willing to follow him as he tries to figure it out. This is a great story with an awesome science fiction feeling to it. Sci-fi fans who love adventure, this series is definitely for you. It comes out this Wednesday, so make sure to pick it up at your local comic  book shop (!

Written by: Steve Orlando

Illustrated by: Jakub Rebelka


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