My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #54 ComicWow! Review


Rob Anderson has a lot of credit with My Little Pony. He also worked on Rex: Zombie Killer and Creature Cops. His work has also appeared in Indie Comics Horror and Strange Nation.

Jay Fosgitt also has a lot of experience with My Little Pony. He is also well known for work on Dead Duck and Bodie Troll. He also worked on Little Green Men, Dino Duck, Adventure Time, Deadpool and Gwenpool.

This is a story set in the MLP universe, and there are some Ponies in it; even some of the Cutie Mark Crusaders show up, but the star is not a pony. The star of this issue is Angel the Bunny.

Angel the Bunny is Fluttershy’s pet/friend. He sometimes shows a little bit of an attitude, but he is a true and faithful friend to her. In the comics, Angel does not speak, but rather shows ideograms to demonstrate ideas/feelings.

In this issue, Angel has to watch over Fluttershy’s animal hospital while she goes out to build a larger shelter for the animals. At first, Angel is confident (overconfident?) in his ability to manage the situation. Unfortunately, he soon goes from overconfident to overwhelmed.

Anderson’s writing is strong here. He knows the characters well enough to shift the light onto a minor character and still make the story work well.

Fosgitt’s artwork is exemplary. He manages to make the most of a simple character like Angel. Visually, Angel is an uncomplicated figure. He is a white rabbit with few unique features, but Fosgitt manages to use the simple figure to convey a range of different emotions.

For readers who want to get a brief exposure to the MLP universe outside of the Ponies themselves, this is a nice jumping on point, so make sure to check it out at your local comic shop!

Written by: Rob Anderson

Illustrated by: Jay Fosgitt