My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #48 ComicWow! Review


This is the first issue of a three-part story arc by veteran MLP writer Ted Anderson.

This story arc appears to center around Discord.  He was the former evil ruler of Equestria, but he has (somewhat) reformed due to his friendship with Fluttershy.

Trivia point:  Discord was the first character in the series to actually say “Friendship is Magic.”  Discord is no longer evil, -or even malicious, but he is definitely chaotic.

It begins with Discord ‘crashing a star-gazing event outside of Ponyville.  Discord is a chimera, a mixture of many different animal parts.  Discord did not understand that he is a distraction, and when told so, he vanished in a disgruntled cloud of smoke.

A strange meteor crashed near Ponyville, and a new and different version of Discord appears.

This strange new creature is no longer the chaotic Discord.  He has changed into a creature of order – Accord.  Still imbued with the same powerful magical abilities, he is now on a quest to make everything orderly.

On a basic level, does this arc represent Discord/Accord returning to his villainous roots?

On a deeper level, this issue questions the Manichean conflict between chaos and order.  The Ponies consider themselves an orderly society, and they disapprove of Chaos.  In fact, they have fought against it on numerous occasions.  Now, having welcomed order, they question the virtue of that ‘virtue’ in its purist form.

This is the beginning of a story arc that IDW promises to make major changes in the MLP universe.

This is yet another example of IDW refusing to treat My Little Pony like a ‘kiddie comic.’  This label has consistently taken risks, including the Sombra story line, the ‘Friendship is Magic’ miniseries, and more.  They have presented complex, multi-issue story arcs, and executed them well.  The writing has been consistently excellent.

It will be interesting to see how this arc continues.

Written by: Ted Anderson

Illustrated by: Andy Price


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