My Little Pony: Friends Forever #32 ComicWow! Review


Ted Anderson has written a lot of My Little Pony over the past five years or so.  He has written for MLP: Friendship is Magic, MLP: Friends Forever, MLP:  Equestria Girls, and a few issues of the MLP Micro-Series (Pinkie Pie and Cutie Mark Crusaders)

Jay Fosgitt is probably best known either as the creator of Bodie Troll or as the writer/artist of Necronomicomics, a recurring one-panel comic that makes fun of horror movies and appears in Rue Morgue magazine.  He did Dead Duck and Zombie Chick, a recent (NSFW) one-shot, and he has done a lot of trading card work.  Fosgitt is known for a style that mixes spooky and cute without ever going too far in either direction.

This is a little different than many issues, in that while it features one pony, it removes her from the standard setting (Equestria) and takes her off to a remote place.  Our heroine must rely on her own strengths and resources.

This issue features Fluttershy, who would rather be left in peace and quiet with the animals of her beloved forest. Unfortunately this is not to be, as Daring-Do (think of a pony version of Indiana Jones) asks her to come on an expedition into an exotic and remote jungle. Their mission is to find a rare ‘Map Spider,’ who may hold the secret to a hidden temple and a lost treasure.  Fluttershy is not the kind of pony to turn her back on an animal in need of aid, so she somewhat reluctantly joins Daring-Do on her jungle quest.

Their way is fraught with dangers, yet somehow Fluttershy (who really is quite shy) manages to persevere.  When they find the spider, a crisis emerges.  At this point, Fluttershy must shows great courage in order to save her new friends.

Anderson’s writing is strongly in keeping with the characters.  This episode reads very much like an episode of the series.  He has a strong knowledge of the franchise – not only the characters and setting, but also the spirit of the franchise as well.

Fosgitt’s artwork is likewise strongly rooted in the franchise.  Like Anderson, he is making a conscious effort to remain very true to the spirit and heart of Equestria.  This is a bit ‘spookier’ than some episodes, as it is set I a dark jungle and features spiders and an ancient, hidden temple.  Fosgitt has a great sense of balance between too spooky and too cute, and he walks that line most skillfully.

Fleecs’ work as a colorist is a bit different here. Instead of the normal brights and pastels of Equestria, he makes a dark jungle and a darker temple.  Like Fosgitt, Fleecs manages to convey dark and spooky without going too far.

Fans of My Little Pont – particularly fans of Fluttershy- will definitely want this issue.  For new readers this is an interesting jumping-on point.  This issue gives readers a fair idea of what the Ponies are about without drowning them in all the minutiae of a tour of Ponyville or Equestria.

Written by: Ted Anderson

Illustrated by: Jay Fosgitt


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Review submitted by: Art Boorman

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